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Perennial Partners offers growth solutions for both Nonprofits and Small Businesses!


Go after grantwriting gold!  We're experts at uncovering funding for operations, programs or projects.  Let us open up a whole new funding stream for your nonprofit!

Get in the major gifts/planned giving game!  We can help you identify and ask the prospects you may not have even known were in your donor base!

Bring in an all-star pinch-hitter!  Need interim development help while you search for the right permanent staffer?  We can play any position in the field!

Let us build a solid development foundation!  We specialize in helping a nonprofit put together a development plan that will yield a diversified funding stream over time.

Need to get the team all pulling in the same direction?  We can put together board, staff and fundraising training that helps each capitalize on their own strengths and make real contributions to the group.



Small Businesses

Elevating your business above its competition through niche marketing.  Let’s find the stand-alone elements of your services and the unique customers that you can capture without fear of competition.


Every business needs a plan for marketing.  Let’s work together on a strategy that will send customers to you over a variety of platforms, from social media to trade publications.  We’ll tailor your message to appeal to specific audiences, groups and demographics!


Is your business plan water-tight?  Are expenses leaking profits?  Do you need a plan?  Let’s partner on a document that can get you back to smooth sailing!


Does your business play well with others?  You should!  There are many marketing opportunities in collaboration with other great small businesses and local charities.  Businesses that do this easily separate themselves from the competition and develop ultra-loyal customers!  Let’s connect you with local friendly business partners!

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